Drafting outstanding musical tunes while exploring themes of faith, hope, love, vice, virtue, and family.

With the release of a album and back to back singles, The Deadwinger is looking for an opportunity to put forth his skills in front of music enthusiasts around the world and win over their love and trust. With latest projects coming, The Deadwinger is an artist of utmost dedication and passion. He plays around a bunch of genres, mixing and blending them in order to come up with a unique sound. However, his main area of excellence lies in the genres of Blues, Gospel, and Alternative, in a Lo-Fi mood. He has incredible expertise when it comes to creating a tune revolving around these genres of music. The Deadwinger refers to his music as “Rough Gospel Blues” due to the spectrum range of his sound. It ranges from Blues to Gregorian Chant, an extremely wide and diversified scale of musical directions. Heavily inspired by themes of love, faith, hope, vice, virtue, and family life, the music style of The Deadwinger is considerably simple and pure. Traditional as well as new, both sounds heavily dominate the music of the artist.

The rising artist describes the thought process behind calling his music “Rough Gospel Blues” as Rough being the unfiltered side of his music which reaches the listeners directly, Gospel as his main theme, and Blues for the ordinary people who fight with this world every day to survive. With such thought behind the making of his music and deep meaning behind every single aspect of his sound, the compositions are bound to leave a long-lasting impact on the hearts of his listeners. There’s also a touch of spirituality that goes behind The Deadwinger’s music. He has touched upon his reality, and reflected upon his personal struggles and general life through his music. Being completely independent, The Deadwinger is a one-man project. He has matured his artistic side inside him for years, and is now finally bringing it to light.

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